Company History

Huabang has a total area of 128,480.24 square meters, a workshop area of 73,928 square meters, an office area of 1,024 square meters, a number of 86 patents, 2 Jiangsu Province first major equipment certifications, and 2 Jiangsu Province high-tech products for Jiangsu Province key promotion. 3 applied technologies and 1 special new product in Jiangsu Province. Patents include invention patents and practical technology patents related to heavy vehicles, which effectively ensure the high-quality design and high-quality production of our company's vehicles. The company is equipped with digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, hydraulic test platforms, infrared short-range positioners, ABS detectors and other quality testing equipment. Strict quality control also enables all types of heavy-duty vehicles to have high factory standards, reliable quality, few problems, and low maintenance costs features. The company currently has 4 large-scale production workshops, which are used for basic parts processing, modular trailer assembly production, wind energy trailer production, other special vehicle production, etc. It has complete machining, welding, painting and final assembly production lines, with an annual production volume of up to More than 3,000 units.

Huabang Vehicle currently has more than 40 engineers, more than 100 production workers, and more than 100 professional technicians. Most of the employees have worked in our company for more than 7 years and have rich production experience. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment to ensure the production and quality control of heavy vehicles. These include automatic shot blasting machines, hydraulic presses, automatic welding robots, CNC gantry milling machines, plasma cutting machines, CNC machine tools, submerged arc welding machines, etc.

Since its establishment in 2005, the company has a strict control in quality, and successfully passed the ISO9001-2005 international quality management system certification. All vehicles produced have passed the CCC (China Compulsory Certification). After that, our company obtained the World Factory qualification and obtained the WMI certificate, which once again increased our company's popularity around the world.

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